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I’m so confused right now. My mother has sent me yet another package. (This is her fourth package in three months!)

I opened it up and it has a nice letter, Brita Water filters (she sent me a pitcher) and… instant ramen.

Why would you send a person living in Japan instant ramen.

I can go to the fricking conbini if I want instant ramen.

I don’t even LIKE instant ramen.

your mom is a professional troll

finally made some cosmetic improvements to my apartment: decorated the pin board I bought a few weeks ago, hung up the paintings I bought, got some pretty fabric to serve as a new tablecloth, and put up the charm to protect my home.*

not pictured: put up a small piece of fabric over my kitchen window, and finally replaced my broken shower curtain rod. ta-da!

*don’t worry, the pins aren’t through the paper. (that breaks the spell. I’m serious!)

not everyone I know has a smartphone (hi, Mom!), so when I signed up for instagram, I had to find a way for you to check it on a regular ol’ fashioned computer, too. so check it out for super hipster pictures.

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I try to keep up but I know I’m failing.

in the 2+ weeks it’s been since I last updated, I…

  • wore a yukata to Sanja Matsuri and was very popular with little old ladies and gentlemen 
  • got a haircut! 
  • visited Yokohama with my bb Erin
  • went to the Hanazono Shrine Festival with my advisor and former roomie, Anna ~お久しぶり!
  • read The Wolves in the Walls to my first graders
  • found some fucking T:RC merch (so many ~*FEELINGS*~)
  • got to spend some time with Erin and Kiri while she’s in Tokyo!
    (for formatting reasons, this is the first pic. the others are in order.)

whee, it’s like I have a social life or something! actually, I went out every evening but Monday last week… Tuesday with Erin and Greta in Ikebukuro, Wednesday with Greta in Ueno, Thursday with Professor Liu and the JAPN310 travel course group, and then Friday by myself to look around at ABAB for some new work clothes. (didn’t find any, but I did get a nice shirt today.)

also, my students had a concert today and they sang cute songs, but I didn’t get any pictures of that. I’m hoping they’ll put some of the video footage online, and if they do I’ll post a link.

oh and I got dumped by my friends but I don’t have any pictures of that, either. I’m trying not to let it get me down.






Popping Soda – Baskin Robbins

Look at this cute drink! Japanese foods are sometimes so cute, you wonder whether they’re actually edible.

This is a drink that you can purchase at Baskin Robbins in Japan: blue soda topped with ice cream that has pop rocks inside. The stars you see in the drink are nata de coco.

Side Note: Did you know?  

In Japan, Baskin Robbins is referred to “31 Ice Cream.” 

oh my god give





I think I remember them selling this the last time I was at Baskin Robbins. I will never say no to delicious ice cream!

there’s also a bunny themed maid café in Akiba

what are your plans for Suday or Monday?

they should include a trip to Ikebukuro.


There is context for this, but I think it will only make it worse.


#this should not be tagged as SHI/FT

see tags.

game, set, match.

in other news, I’ve been writing fanfic for Koji while we loiter in Saizeriyas and Starbucks across Tokyo. this is what I do in my free time.

wasn’t I saying something about updating more often?

lol, oops.

anyway, photos from my weekend.

Saturday: Design Festa & Wonder Parlor.

Sunday: all the festivals. (well, not all of them - after all, Sanja Matsuri is next weekend.)

one more back post and after this I will try to update in a timely manner.

last weekend was Tokyo Rainbow Pride. no, it’s not as big as Boston Pride or Chicago Pride, because Japan is still very closeted. we had fun anyway~ there were a lot of gaijin there, maybe even about half of the attendees. (see also: Japan is still very closeted.)

there was an after party in 2chome, but I had work in the morning (unlike the rest of the country).