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Frances J. twenty-three and counting. a (lion-hearted) girl and a half. dropped everything to move to Tokyo. more grown-up and a better daughter.

so I seriously hope this is not what people are thinking when I say that I’m packing a bento. my bento boxed lunches are artless to the extreme; but they are filling and Ihave been pretty good at packing them.

(last week notwithstanding; jfc, I was exhausted all week. not like “wow, I don’t want to get up this morning,” but like “my stomach is eating itself but I am literally too tired to stand up and make food so I am eating raw toast.”)

every evening, I (try to) pack something to bring to work the next day (and also, to remember it when I leave in the morning).

various ingredients I have packed…

  • pasta with sauce and/or Parmesan cheese
  • mac’n’cheese
  • gyuudon (i.e., stuff on rice)
  • cucumbers in salad dressing
  • "baked" apples
  • s’mores (pack the crackers, chocolate and marshmallows, nuke ‘em at work during snack time)
  • half a peanut butter sandwich
  • oranges
  • dry cereal

that last one is an experiment; my idea is that I can eat the cereal with milk from the staff room fridge, or from the cafeteria place downstairs, or something. hopefully it will go well. I always can eat cereal.

it’s a lot more exciting packing my bento now that I don’t hate my job; I used to hate doing it, because it meant accepting that I was, in fact, going to work tomorrow - and for a long shift. (days were either five lessons or eight; and eight hours at my old job made me want to throw myself down a flight of stairs. (no, seriously, I used to wonder how hard I had to fall to get out of teaching that day.))

now, I work nine hours a day, every day - so for one thing, I have to pack more food (instead of one box, I have a three piece set) and, for another thing - I actually sort-of enjoy making my lunches, providing I’m not dead on my feet.

so my bento lunches aren’t cute, or even particularly delicious, but they are edible and filling and I do make one (almost) every day, so that’s got to count for something. and anyway, that Snorlax bento is too cute to eat.

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